vote democrat, pennsylvania

The governor appoints the secretary or state, which is critical for overseeing fair elections and not stoking the fire of election-denying morons. 

Anyone that can
troll Dr. Oz this hard
has our vote. 

vote Democrat for all US Representatives

vote Democrat for all the state legislature

ALL REPUBLICANS RUNNING FOR OFFICE believe there should be NO abortions with no exceptions for rape or incest.

Most believe birth control should be illegal. Many have tried to scrub their websites because of the unpopularity of their extremist positions.

DANGER IN PENNSYLVANIA where the Governor appoints the Secretary of State. The MAGA Republican candidate for Governor, Doug Mastriano, was at the Jan 6th insurrection, believes Trump won the election, does business with a White Nationalist website, calls Roe v Wade worse than the Holocaust and espouses Qnon conspiracies. If he wins (shudder), he would appoint the person overseeing elections. He also believes that state legislatures should decide elections even if that means overriding the will of the voters. HE IS VERY DANGEROUS.

If Republicans win, here’s what you will lose:

Safe, legal abortion, even for ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and rape

Women’s freedom to make decisions about their own body

Birth control

Affordable drugs and healthcare

Voting Rights & Fair Elections

Funding to fight Climate Change


Abortions are legal in PA up to 24 weeks only because Governor Tom Wolf,  a Democrat, vetoed a law that would have banned abortion without exceptions; a law that the extremist Republican led state legislature tried to pass.  This same legislature was successful at passing Phase 1 of a plan that would eliminate the Governor’s veto power.  An attempt to knee-cap a Democratic Governor.  THAT’S WHY FLIPPING THE STATE LEGISLATURE – AND VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS UP & DOWN THE BALLOT – IS CRITICAL.

birth control is next

Most Republicans in the state legislature have voted against keeping birth control legal.  And, most Republicans running for office in PA in 2022 believe birth control should be illegal.


Republican state legislators are working on legislation to overturn the will of the voters; giving THEM the power to decide the outcome of elections regardless of the vote tally.

78% of elected Republicans in PA tried to overturn the 2020 election. ALL REPUBLICAN candidates running for office now believe 2020 was stolen from Trump.

Democrats & Biden Historic Achievements

American Rescue Plan–$7.3 billion for PA for broadband, healthcare, education, COVID Relief, small business support and tourism.  Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

Infrastructure Bill $11.3 billion to PA to build bridges, repair highways and roads, upgrade water systems, and expand high speed internet.  Only ONE PA Republican voted for this legislation (and is getting death threats) 

Inflation Reduction Act $10 billion for PA for caps on prescription costs ($2000 max/yr for Medicare), caps on insulin at $35/month, caps on health insurance premiums for 3 million Pennsylvania Medicare recipients and those with Affordable Care Act insurance. Also, clean power tax credits to fight Climate Change & create JOBS. Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

Corporations pay their fair share  Democrats made sure that corporations pay their fair share of taxes (minimum 15%). 40 of the richest companies pay nothing in income taxes. It’s time they did! Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

PACTS Act   Ensures veterans receive health care screenings and services related to potential toxic exposure.  Expands access to VA health care.  Seven(7)  Pennsylvania Republicans voted against this legislation.

CHIPS AND SCIENCE ACTEnsures semiconductor chips – used in everything from cars to computers to TVs – are made in the USA, lowering costs AND MAKING AMERICA COMPETITIVE AGAIN.  Only ONE Pennsylvania Republican voted for this legislation. (Fitzpatrick who also voted for the Infrastructure bill–and has voted with Democrats on other bills–is getting death threats) 

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