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Democrats & Biden Historic Achievements

American Rescue Plan – $4.2 billion for Arizona for broadband, healthcare, education, COVID Relief, small business support and tourism.  Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

Infrastructure Bill – $5 billion for Arizona to build bridges, repair highways and roads, upgrade water systems, and expand high speed internet.  Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

Inflation Reduction Act – $4.1 billion for Arizona for caps on prescription costs ($2000 max/yr for Medicare), caps on insulin at $35/month, caps on health insurance premiums for 1.4 million Arizonan Medicare recipients and those with Affordable Care Act insurance. Also, clean power tax credits to fight Climate Change & create JOBS. Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

Corporations pay their fair share – Democrats made sure that corporations pay their fair share of taxes (minimum 15%). 40 of the richest companies pay nothing in income taxes. It’s time they did! Not ONE Republican voted for this legislation.

PACTS Act – Ensures veterans receive health care screenings and services related to potential toxic exposure.  Expands access to VA health care.  Not ONE Arizona Republican voted for this legislation.

CHIPS AND SCIENCE ACT – Ensures semiconductor chips – used in everything from cars to computers to TVs – are made in the USA, lowering costs AND MAKING AMERICA COMPETITIVE AGAIN.  Not ONE Arizona Republican voted for this legislation.


Inform and educate voters
about the historic
achievements made
by the Biden
Administration and
within the last year.

Motivate Democratic
and Independent
voters to vote for
Democrats in the
upcoming midterm


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