About Us


A study of 200,000 news stories comparing Biden’s and Trump’s first 11 months were more negative towards Biden even though he has passed legislation that changed lives, gotten 504 million vaccinations in arms and more. Compared to Trump who let thousands die, told people to drink bleach and supported QAnon and Nazi’s in America. Yet Biden’s coverage is more negative.

Who we are:

JoAnn Loulan, Executive Director, has been an activist since 1966 and has been a fundraiser for national organizations and candidates and in that capacity and has raised over $13million. She also has been the founder of Local Majority (works with state legislative candidates in swing states) and what’s morphed into Electing Women Bay Area (funding federal candidates). 

Tracy Sherman, Marketing Director, brings over 30 years of experience in business management, radio advertising, political activism, philanthropy and community volunteer work.

Steve Friedman, Concept Alchemishas a diverse 40 plus year career in communication and marketing including work in broadcasting, publishing, computer technology, media advertising and community volunteering.  


Heather Young, PhD. Political Communications Professional, leading teams in production of political issue papers publishing and social media content development.  Expert level research and analytical skills acquired through professional work, doctoral training, and post doc at NIH in cognitive neuroscience research.


Bonnie Sterngold, Accountant, has been doing accounting for more than 40 years for nonprofit organizations, PACs, start-ups, professional athletes and high net worth individuals.  


Kevin Edwards, Technical Lead, has been working in radio, tv, social media and web development since 1995 and is currently focusing on political activism, and community volunteer work.