Biden Accomplishments

Biden’s Administration highlights in 11 months of 2021:

  • Child poverty down 50%
  • Unemployment at a low 3.9%
  • Created over 6 million jobs
  • Saved the economy with the infusion of economic support
  • 515 million vaccine shots given
  • Food support provided for those in need
  • More climate change initiatives than any previous president

Trump’s Administration in 11 months in 2020:

  • Refused to encourage important public health measures; to support people wearing masks & getting vaccines
  • Encouraged unscientific “cures” for COVID—including drinking bleach & taking hydroxychloroquine.
  • Lost more jobs than since the Great Depression
  • Unemployment reached a 50-year high
  • Cut programs for the poor on all levels
  • Praised Nazi’s and White Supremacists
  • Planned the overturn of the 2020 election, organized January 6 2021 insurrection and perpetuated BIG LIE