APRIL 20, 2022
5:00 P.M. PST

Join DMP Executive Director JoAnn Loulan, Actress Amy Aquino (Amazon Prime’s hit series, Bosch, and NBC’s E.R.) and Andy Borowitz, best-selling author and comedian, for our next fundraiser event as DMP ramps-up messaging ahead of the midterm elections. See below for event details.



We received a $50,000 match for this fundraiser! It’s contributions from you that make our mission possible. Let’s keep going and turn the tide blue! We have raised $110,000 to date and we are looking to raise another $100,000 for the pilot project. 

The Problem

The media is not a friend to Biden or Democrats – plain and simple. The media does not report about all the good legislation passed or all the good reports. 

What do we hear from the “left-leaning” media? …Crickets! Nada! Zilch!!! And worse than that is the parroting of republican talking points! 

Because of this, most Democrats have NO idea about all the good work that has been accomplished or is actively being pursued at the White House and Capitol Hill. 

Our Mission

We are bypassing traditional cable news outlets and going straight to the people with messages about the historic accomplishments of Biden and Democrats AND, how Republicans have attempted to obstruct at every turn, but turn around and take credit for infrastructure projects in their own state.  

Our Plan

Along with our team of consultants, we are tailoring messaging for billboards and radio and digital ads. Take at look at some of the billboard campaigns slated around the country. We’re taking on BIG pharma, fighting for women’s right to choose, and exposing Republicans to name a few! 


About our upcoming Zoom event

We are excited to share that we will be joined by television and stage actress Amy Aquino, who

will interview JoAnn Loulan about the project followed by a Q&A session with fundraiser attendees.

Aquino, a graduate of Harvard and Yale University, career spans thirty-plus years and includes roles in Amazon Prime’s hit series “Bosch”, “ER” and “Being Human”, among countless others. She was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in the feature film, “Picket Fences.”

Amy is an activist and worked to uplift her union Screen Actors Guild as Secretary-Treasurer for a few years. She is engaging her Hollywood folks to attend the fundraiser to talk about why they too are supporting this project.


Follow Amy on Instagram: @Aquino_Amy