GOAL: advertise the historical accomplishments of President Biden and Democrats in 2021 to motivate/educate infrequent & frequent voters.

Bypass mainstream media as they refuse to report the accomplishments or slants them negatively:

Study of 200,000 stories written and on television comparing Biden and Trump slants more negative for Biden almost universally. (Source)

Democrats in 11 months have changed the face of the US. Most folks don’t know it!

While not one Republican voted for the American Rescue Plan (ARP), it has added 5.9 million jobs, and unemployment is down to 3.9% which wasn’t expected until the end of 2023.

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provided emergency funds that saved the economy:

  • $300 each month for every child under 18 directly into parent’s bank–lifting 50% of poor children out of poverty
  • Small business support emergency grants $656.18 billion
  • State & local Funds $362 billion
  • Individual assistance $56.27 billion
  • Education & Childcare $211.57 Billion
  • Health Care $86.24 Billion
  • Transportation $40.16 Billion
  • Additional programs $61.32 Billion

$1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill provides funding to all 50 states

Only 13 of 263 Republicans in both the House and Senate
voted for it – and they are getting death threats!

  • Supports rural and underserved communities with high speed internet.
  • Provides long overdue funding for the repair, replacement & maintenance of our country’s roads, bridges & major transportation projects.
  • Electricity Grid and Drinking Water restoration.
  • Climate Change investment.
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure support.
  • Upgrade airports, ports and supply chains.

How We'll GetThe Word out:

  • Static billboards with single issue messaging placed on highly traveled highways, thoroughfares and local communities.
  • QR Codes about single issues that will be displayed at bus kiosks and/or on posters in specific neighborhoods.
  • Radio ads in English and Spanish radio that will address the same issues put on billboards/QR codes in emotionally charged language.
  • Digital ads to reinforce the messaging on billboards, radio ads and QR codes targeting people who lean Democrat, infrequently vote, young people, people of color and women.

Example Billboards

Text TK explaining the types of billboards.  Billboard images to reflect the types and are sized to match text layout.

Save the Democracy