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Democratic Messaging Project​

Our Mission: Inform and educate voters about the historic achievements made by the Biden Administration and Democrats within the last year. Motivate Democratic and Independent voters to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.


We're bypassing the media and sharing all the progress being made by Biden and fellow Democrats

Did you know: A study of 200,000 news articles and television comparing Biden and Trump slants more negative for Biden almost universally. Read more 


Our messaging plan

  • Static billboards with single issue messaging placed on highly traveled highways, thoroughfares and local communities.
  • QR Codes about single issues that will be displayed at bus kiosks and/or on posters in specific neighborhoods.
  • Radio ads in English and Spanish radio that will address the same issues put on billboards/QR codes in emotionally charged language.
  • Digital ads to reinforce the messaging on billboards, radio ads and QR codes targeting people who lean Democrat, infrequently vote, young people, people of color and women.


On April 25, the Los Angeles Times wrote, “Businessman Ramit Varma, who has been running on bringing a data-driven approach to City Hall, called television advertising a “highly inefficient” way of reaching voters. He plans to direct his money into billboards, digital advertising and radio spots.” (Source)

We couldn’t agree more with his mayoral campaign strategy.



  • Democrats voted unanimously for the American Rescue Plan while not one Republican voted for it. To date, the ARP has added 5.9 million jobs, and unemployment is currently at 3.9%,the lowest since 1950.
  • Biden cut the federal deficit by 50%.
  • To date, Biden has appointed 58 Federal judges– more than any President since Reagan–and is on track to appoint 100 more in 2022. These judges will help to decide 99% of all legal challenges as only 1% of cases make their way to the current & extremely conservative Supreme Court.
  • Biden’s judges will decide issues of voting rights, gerrymandering, abortion, birth control, health care, benefits for the poor & egregious court decisions from lower courts.
  • Democratic controlled states are increasing the ability for their citizens to vote and voting rights legislation passed the House with unanimous Democrat support (not one House Republican voted for it). Senate Republicans have thus far refused to allow debate on this issue much less to pass legislation.
  • Democrats have taken the Jan. 6 insurrection seriously creating the Select Committee to investigate and hold insurrectionists on every level accountable. On the Jan. 6 one-year anniversary – only two Republicans showed up on the floor of Congress to pay respect to the brave police officers who protected ALL members of Congress on that day of infamy.


  • Supported or were silent on the Jan. 6 insurrection.
  • After the insurrection as vote counting resumed, 140 House Republicans voted to overturn the election.
  • Executed a campaign of extreme state gerrymandering in an effort to make it much harder for Blacks, Hispanics and college students to vote or vote in sufficient numbers to win.
  • Have 400 bills lined up to become law that will make it nearly impossible for Democrats to ever win in 20 states. The most egregious laws allow Republican state legislatures to decide the Presidential election despite the vote and will of the people.
  • Have refused to vote on any Democrat bill except the “Bipartisan Infrastructure” bill. Only 31 of 263 Republicans in both chambers voted for this bill (most Republicans are taking credit for the funds going to their state even though they didn’t vote for it).
  • Republican controlled state legislatures either refuse to spend the American Rescue Plan funds, or claim the money is from Republicans so there is no win for Democrats. We must expose their lies and dangerous actions.

  • 193 Republicans voted against on the insulin cap bill, which would help support over 10 million people. 

$1.3 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill provides funding to all 50 states

Only 31 of 263 Republicans in both the House and Senate
voted for the bill.

  • Supports rural and underserved communities with high speed internet.
  • Provides long overdue funding for the repair, replacement & maintenance of our country’s roads, bridges & major transportation projects.
  • Electricity Grid and Drinking Water restoration.
  • Climate Change investment.
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure support.
  • Upgrade airports, ports and supply chains

Here's how Biden's American Rescue Plan provided emergency funds that saved the economy:

  • $300 each month for every child under 18 directly into parent’s bank – lifting 50% of poor children out of poverty
  • $656.18 billion in small business emergency grants
  • $362 billion in state and local Funds
  • $56.27 billion in individual assistance
  • $211.57 billion in education and childcare
  • $86.24 billion health care
  • $40.16 billion in transportation
  • $61.32 billion additional programs

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